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Healing Your Heart

Two weeks ago, I encouraged starting the healing process if there are any hang-ups or hurts hindering us from living our best life in 2021. Since then, I've heard from a few people who felt that post struck a chord for them. The timing in writing about healing is right, especially for me, which I… Continue reading Healing Your Heart

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Who do you need to forgive?

The saying goes: hurt people, hurt other people. And if you're paying close attention, you will see that there are a lot of hurt people in the world. Afterall, brokenness doesn't discriminate; it affects every single person on some level regardless of their age, gender, culture, religion, income, and so forth. So, this means that… Continue reading Who do you need to forgive?

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Getting real about singleness

Am I ever going to find the right person? When will it finally be my turn? Are all the good ones taken? Will anyone find me attractive? Should I change my personality to increase my options? What if I'm too picky? Will I be able to have children? Am I called to singleness? Does God… Continue reading Getting real about singleness