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Healing Your Heart

Two weeks ago, I encouraged starting the healing process if there are any hang-ups or hurts hindering us from living our best life in 2021. Since then, I've heard from a few people who felt that post struck a chord for them. The timing in writing about healing is right, especially for me, which I… Continue reading Healing Your Heart

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Last week, one of my favourite YouTuber's (who shall go nameless) revealed that she got engaged. As an avid follower of her online journey, it was music to my ears to hear such positive news, especially amid the pandemic. Even though I should have been captivated by her glowing excitement, I couldn't help but notice… Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For

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Waiting on God

Take a few moments to really consider the points below: Sarah had her only child at 90.Abraham needed 25 years to see the promise.David didn’t become king until 15 years after being anointed.Jesus started his earthly ministry at 30.Joseph’s dreams of rulership took 13 years to come to fruition when he became Egypt’s governor.Moses experienced… Continue reading Waiting on God

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Living Your Own Life

If someone were to ask you at the end of your life if you had any regrets, what would you say? Would you say that you are free from disappointments and took advantage of all the different opportunities placed along your path? Or would you begin to list off and balk at the sea of… Continue reading Living Your Own Life

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How To Find Your Inspiration

Are you feeling uninspired lately? If the answer is yes, then this post is for you.  I want to begin by sharing that I have been feeling unmotivated. Writing this blog was a challenge, which is shocking because I love blogging. However, I know the source of my lethargy - the impending completion of my… Continue reading How To Find Your Inspiration