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What are you waiting for?

I've never met a person who likes waiting. After all, we live in a world that's accustomed to doing everything full on, at break neck speed. Literally everywhere you go, you're instantly flooded with fast food resturants, ATM's, and drive thru's lined up for your convenience. No wonder waiting can be the challenge of a… Continue reading What are you waiting for?

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The truth to finding the person God has for you

How many times have you read blogs and books about "Tips to find the spouse God has for you" or "Tips to successfully date and marry the right one" floating around? I know I have. Sometimes I have even conducted intense Google searches in an attempt to get my love life moving in the right… Continue reading The truth to finding the person God has for you

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Getting real about singleness

Am I ever going to find the right person? When will it finally be my turn? Are all the good ones taken? Will anyone find me attractive? Should I change my personality to increase my options? What if I'm too picky? Will I be able to have children? Am I called to singleness? Does God… Continue reading Getting real about singleness