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Women and Mental Health

COVID-19 has utterly wrecked people’s lives. I don’t need to get into the details since we can look outside and witness the devastation for businesses, families, and so many others. Although the pandemic touches individuals from all backgrounds, the impact on women has been significant. Global News reports that women are facing more violence amid… Continue reading Women and Mental Health

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Waiting on God

Take a few moments to really consider the points below: Sarah had her only child at 90.Abraham needed 25 years to see the promise.David didn’t become king until 15 years after being anointed.Jesus started his earthly ministry at 30.Joseph’s dreams of rulership took 13 years to come to fruition when he became Egypt’s governor.Moses experienced… Continue reading Waiting on God

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Living Your Own Life

If someone were to ask you at the end of your life if you had any regrets, what would you say? Would you say that you are free from disappointments and took advantage of all the different opportunities placed along your path? Or would you begin to list off and balk at the sea of… Continue reading Living Your Own Life

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Starting A New Job During COVID-19

Hi friends, It's been a while since my last post. Besides enjoying the final weeks of summer, I started a new job in August, which has swallowed up my free time to blog. Having this "problem" doesn't escape my notice as many people are unemployed due to the pandemic, so I am grateful for the… Continue reading Starting A New Job During COVID-19