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7 Self-Care Tips When Healing

Healing is a process. Instant miracles do happen, yet most folks will need to work things out over time. Actually, when dealing with emotional wounds, you will probably feel worse before getting better. After all, you have to dig up “scar tissue” to get to the root of pain in your heart. And if you… Continue reading 7 Self-Care Tips When Healing

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Starting 2021 Off Right

Is there any better way to start a new year than with your heart open and ready to receive all the opportunities in store for you? To begin 2021, full of optimism and expectation that life will turn out how you dreamed or even better than you imagined? Perhaps to go to another level, professionally,… Continue reading Starting 2021 Off Right

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Your Dreams Will Not Fail . . . If You Don’t Let Them

The odds may be stacked against you. Perhaps you’re stuck in an endless rut that continues to get deeper by the minute. Or possibly, family and friends oppose the plans you have in mind. Whatever the issue is, I want to take a few moments to encourage you that things will get better. Nevertheless, you… Continue reading Your Dreams Will Not Fail . . . If You Don’t Let Them

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Part 2: Quick Quarantine Recipes for Cooking at Home

As mentioned last time, I wanted to share a few more recipes with you. Today's post is for that very purpose. To be honest, preparing these dishes has busted my boredom in the house and given me something to look forward to, especially as I live alone. Moreover, all but one of them took under… Continue reading Part 2: Quick Quarantine Recipes for Cooking at Home

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3 Quick & Easy Recipes to Cook During Quarantine

I love food.  We all do, right? However, during this pandemic, as we are hunkered down at home, cooking often becomes a tedious chore.  I can speak for myself that Uber Eats has been called one too many times since the start of COVID-19.  On top of being expensive, I felt sluggish, and within no… Continue reading 3 Quick & Easy Recipes to Cook During Quarantine