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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

In 48 hours or so (maybe earlier or later depending on where you live), it will be 2021! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to be done away with 2️⃣ 0️⃣ 2️⃣ 0️⃣ and all its craziness.

As you know, this year has been unlike any other. And for me, 2020 is not even close to anything I’ve experienced before in my 32 years on this earth. When it seemed things couldn’t get worse than COVID-19 with its debilitating impact on millions of people worldwide, Kobe Bryant and the nine people on board the flight with him died. The United States went even more bonkers with rampant injustices and the contentious presidential election. Also, a dearly beloved family member of mine had a stroke a few weeks ago.

Therefore, many of you, including me, are looking for some relief from all the chaos. Unfortunately, I am the bearer of more bad news that the onset of 2021 will not magically erase the issues of 2020. We will see the same mess and troubles popping right back up even though the calendar has flipped to a new year. For example, the pandemic is far from over despite the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, which means that 2021 will be under the weight of this epidemic. But, there is always hope amid darkness.

Looking back on my past reactions to impending New Year’s Day, I vividly remember being filled with so much optimism the moment December 31st hit. There was always a list of resolutions in tow, which usually involved losing weight, exercising regularly, making more money, etc. So, the moment January 1st came along, I would fully commit to completing my list 💯. However, that tenacity and eagerness didn’t last long as I returned to my old ways in two weeks or less.

If you’re honest, too, there are probably things you resolved to accomplish each year but didn’t follow through with because of one thing or another. And to my shame, statistics show that most people break their New Year’s goals, but not in two weeks or less like me, lol. Oh, the horrors!

Just take in these staggering numbers from Statistic Brain Institute (as cited in 10 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail by Daniel Wallen):                                     

  • 80% of people give up on their resolutions by February’s second week.                                   
  • 88% of those who set New Year’s Resolutions fail, even though 52% were confident of success at the beginning.                                            
  • 25% of people ditch their goals in the first week. Hooray, thank God I’m not the only one!

Considering these stats, what’s your New Year’s resolution for 2021? Whatever you decide, I hope you will demonstrate the perseverance to see it through. For instance, if you want to lose weight, get moving. Want a new job? Make it happen. Ready to end an unhealthy relationship? Yes, like yesterday, please and thank you.

However, my post is not even about making these yearly traditions. Yes, the title asks the question. Nevertheless, the point I seek to drive home is that your aspirations should not only be a plan for the New Year but a lifetime mission.

You see, there is a reason why the success rate is so low for those of us who make resolutions. It’s because we see changes as an extension of a new year and an endeavour to start it fresh with a bang. There is an ease in getting caught up in the excitement while forgetting that our vision requires diligence and work.

Therefore, if you desire to be healthy, don’t only make it a goal for 2021. If you want to heal from trauma, then wholeness should always be a part of your being. If you desire to be financially independent, work towards it even when you reach where you want to be.

My resolution for you and me is that we make life changes rather than yearly ones. Does that mean there are some things you don’t need to work on for a specific amount of time, like maybe six months or a year? Of course. Instead, what I am saying is that, once you begin to see your life as a whole rather than fragments of time, the areas that you intend to improve will beautifully come together.

Below are a few life resolutions to consider today:                               

  • I will love and be kind to myself.      
  • I will spend time with people who care about me.                                             
  • I will remove toxic relationships and influences from my life.                                              
  • I will treat my body with respect by eating healthy and keeping active.           
  • I will be grateful instead of bitter and unhappy.                                            
  • I will be kind and respectful to others.                                                         
  • I will live my life with purpose and passion.                                   
  • I will forgive those who hurt me so that no one has power over me.
  • I will pursue my dreams without fear and imposter syndrome holding me back.
  • I will give my best to everything I put my hands to and work hard.

Voila! Feel free to add or remove as you wish. Remember, you are unique! Do what works best for you. Nonetheless, I hope you apply the belief behind these tips as building blocks for the rest of your earthly journey.

Before wrapping up my last post for 2020, I want to extend a BIG THANK YOU! It’s readers like you who encourage me to write this blog. Wishing you joy and peace in 2021 and beyond. And of course, I look forward to seeing you next year!

With ❤️

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