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Waiting on God

Take a few moments to really consider the points below:

  • Sarah had her only child at 90.
  • Abraham needed 25 years to see the promise.
  • David didn’t become king until 15 years after being anointed.
  • Jesus started his earthly ministry at 30.
  • Joseph’s dreams of rulership took 13 years to come to fruition when he became Egypt’s governor.
  • Moses experienced 40 years in the wilderness to become God’s deliverer for Israel even though the Israelites didn’t enter the Promised Land until 40 years later, which Moses never entered.
  • Noah waited.
  • Elizabeth waited.
  • Zechariah waited.            
  • Manoah and his wife waited.
  • I waited and am still waiting (ugh, lol!).

Are you waiting on the Lord for something to move in your life? Take courage today. Many people have and will continue to. You’re in great company.

Unfortunately, in our microwave society, waiting is antithetical to modern values.

If you want a meal, you don’t even have to cook. Just skip on through the fast-food drive. Better yet, there’s Uber Eats and Door Dash with their ridiculous fees to bring whatever you like to your front door.

Maybe you want some money to go on that shopping trip that you can’t afford, but you won’t resist that bargain for a new pair of shoes. So, you run for payday loans and credit card companies eagerly waiting to dish out funds with astronomical interest.

Or, perhaps you need a new date even though you’re not ready because you’ve yet to experience freedom from past relationships. Indeed, you can hop on Tinder or one of the many dating apps out there to meet someone quickly.

Now please hear my heart; if you fall into any of the above categories, this is not a post to bash you. I know these things all too well, even though I won’t tell you which ones apply to me, lol!

Nevertheless, because of the breakneck speed that society has become accustomed to, the virtue of waiting and patience has been lost. This is a travesty since it’s in the waiting period that you develop into a better person in my experience. Whatever you’re waiting for becomes less focused in your mind as you begin to take stock of the many great things in life rather than looking to the next chapter.

Let me give you an example. I remember when I finished graduate school in 2011 that I needed a job. I was putting out resumes but not getting any responses. I was annoyed. I needed to pay my bills. However, as I took a step back, I recognized that I lacked the experience for most of the positions I was applying to even though I had the education.

Therefore, I needed to step down off my pride and start at an entry-level position. When I changed my perspective and attitude, I recognized how I could do better, and it paid dividends a month later. Had I not waited by getting no responses, I could have ended up in a role that I would have been grossly unprepared for and failed miserably.

Waiting, whether one day or one hundred, can be a blessing in disguise. Some of the things you want now can be to your peril. I don’t say that to create fear but to show how we can get ourselves into hot water when we fail to exercise patience.

One of my favourite Bible verses is Ecclesiastes 1:1, which says:

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.

That means there’s a specific time for you to accomplish everything you need to do in this life. You will know that time because there will be peace in your belly about the next step in your life.

If you have been waiting for a while, continue to stay with expectation. There is something beautiful on the other side.

With 💕

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