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Starting A New Job During COVID-19

Hi friends,

It’s been a while since my last post. Besides enjoying the final weeks of summer, I started a new job in August, which has swallowed up my free time to blog. Having this “problem” doesn’t escape my notice as many people are unemployed due to the pandemic, so I am grateful for the opportunity to work.

Currently, you may be seeking employment after being laid off. Maybe you need extra income to keep things afloat, or someone you know needs a job but is anxious about returning to the workforce. With this in mind, today’s post gives you a glimpse into my experience of starting a new career, which may help answers any questions you have about working during COVID-19.

  • Nothing is the same: Before 2020, in-person interviews were the norm. During my job search, I attended three interviews through Zoom, which was so unusual because human interaction lacked, even though the interviewer’s face was evident on the screen. For example, nuances, like body language, were missing. Be prepared for this new distance that will extend well beyond the interview.
  • Except for the unexpected: When I received a job offer from my top choice, salary and benefits were not the priority—the more critical question centred on health and safety. Had they not been readily equipped by having appropriate protocols in place, no amount of money or benefits could have sealed the deal. During this time, be ready to address challenging issues with prospective employers to ensure you are safe when doing their business.
  • Working from home is the new norm: I started my job four weeks ago. Yet, I have only been in the office once to pick up a laptop and phone. Before COVID, this situation would be unthinkable for many people. Also, lots of us looking for our dream jobs can’t wait to occupy that corner office. But, in my case, that space is regulated to a corner in my home. It’s essential to be open to this experience and work differently.
  • Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Virtual meetings are an everyday reality. During my first week of orientation, I had over 20. With staff no longer able to gather at the office, meeting online is the next best option. As with any meeting, they can be draining, but be sure to take your breaks and relax. Moreover, the nice thing about Zoom is that you can join the meeting without showing your face. Worry about lousy hair days no more!

These are the four tips that I can offer at this point. Honestly, I am tired, so I decided to keep this post short. For those who are seeking new employment, remember that the right position is out there for you. Yes, things will be different. Nevertheless, there is so much opportunity for growth.

Be safe ✨

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