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You Will Make It!

Yes, you read the title right . . . You will make it in this life. 

I’m a person who loves reading nuggets of wisdom from people who have journeyed further than me on this earth. One of those messages comes from F. Scott Fitzgerald, when he brilliantly said, “never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” What insightful words that remind us never to give up even when the going gets tough. 

Although Fitzgerald mentioned “a single defeat,” I’m sure you understand that our lives are filled with many failures. In fact, I’m convinced there is no person ever who has not experienced defeat at some point or another. Thankfully, the beauty is you can fall seven times and get back up eight. That is the essence of this blog post today. 

It doesn’t matter what you have done in your past, or who hurt you, or which family you were born into, or where you have been. The truth is you can make it despite any of these facts. With some grit, patience, and endurance, things can be different.

Consider some of the best stories out there today, for example, from the celebrity world. Oprah came from a traumatic background, yet she’s one of the world’s most famous people. Barack Obama came from humble beginnings, only to become President of the United States. And Dr. Phil and Jim Carrey were once homeless but became millionaires by using their gifts and talents.

I share these examples to encourage you. Indeed, everyone navigates a unique path. However, perseverance is a character trait that anyone can possess. No matter how bleak, our circumstances should never stop us from becoming all we are created to be. Instead, our painful experiences should propel and motivate us to see change manifested in our lives.

Remarkably, it doesn’t take much to see the fruits of your labour. Sometimes it just involves committing to the process even when you don’t feel like it. Or just putting one foot in front of the next. These are simple principles of life that are based on your attitude and perspective.

I understand and empathize that the weight of challenges and bad stuff can literally knock the wind right out of you. I’m talking about your energy zapped, motivation cut, and passion stunted.

Just this week, I had to really press into my faith in Jesus because every time you turn on the news or speak with someone, it seems the purpose is to hear a bad report. Specifically, someone is dying of cancer, getting killed, losing their job, and unfortunately, the list goes on and on. Digesting this heavy information can burden your spirit.

We all deal with different shades of this at different times. Still, I believe while we are living, we have to make the best of everything. You are here, and that means there is something on earth for you to do. Something that no other person can achieve. Therefore, if we get overwhelmed by all the crazy events happening around us, we will never accomplish it.

So, please know that this season is temporary. Whatever may be holding you back, should no longer. You can make it and realize all those dreams in your heart. Take the time to get reacquainted with the ideas bursting inside you that can add so much to people, some you don’t even know.

I hope you are encouraged by this post. Also, I pray things will get better in your life quickly. Because trouble doesn’t last always.

Be safe.

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