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The Ebbs and Flows of Blogging

I think it’s reasonable to say that everyone who blogs wants people to read their content. Unless you do it for therapeutic purposes or just for fun, blogging is something you take seriously.

Like all crafts, it takes time to get oriented to all that blog life involves. For example, you always need new ideas that are compelling enough to write about it. Fun? Yes. But also time-consuming.

At this point, many people get disillusioned and give up because what they expected about the blogosphere is not playing out in reality. To illustrate, they have been writing stellar pieces for two months. Yet, no one notices their work. So, as someone who has been blogging for a little over two years (side note: I did take a break to go back to school), I want to share some tidbits for my fellow bloggers, especially those who may be wearied:

  • Enjoy writingThis is the craft that you are sharing with the world. As long as you are happy, keep doing it. However, if you find yourself drained and unhappy after blogging, it’s OK to consider doing something else.
  • Building a following takes time. We all desire success. We want the masses to flock our page, like, comment, and subscribe. That rarely happens overnight, as I’m sure you know. Don’t be disappointed when you check your stats, and they are low. Keep writing, and eventually, readers will come for your great content. Even if you don’t get popular, the right people who need your blog will be there. I’ve recently read many posts first published a few years ago with zero comments and likes. That didn’t change those posts from being meaningful and powerful. You may not have millions of followers at the end of the day, but there is always one person that needs you to write. Focus on the meaning behind your blog rather than fame.
  • Share your posts. This area is one I struggle with because I don’t send my content to friends and family enough. Your village is your first audience who can connect you to other readers. Utilize the people around you to get your stuff out there.
  • Sometimes you will want to write, and the ideas won’t come. Take a walk, exercise, or do something fun. When your creativity starts flowing again, try writing your blog post. Remember, people aren’t looking perfection. They are more interested in realness.
  • Read, follow, like, and comment on other people’s blogs. There are tons of other bloggers out in the world. Check your reader on WordPress and connect with some of them. Research both the successful and not so successful ones. And glean what you can while maintaining your originality.

In summary

Blogging is supposed to be fun, but it is also a serious business. Keep the momentum, even if the stats don’t look promising. In life, nothing ever goes according to plan. So except blogging to follow suit. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.

Be safe.

7 thoughts on “The Ebbs and Flows of Blogging”

  1. I love this post! It’s so timely! Every one of your blogging tips is right on. I’ve started posting my blogposts on my Facebook and Twitter pages right after I publish them. I haven’t gotten any new followers that way, but at least my friends are reading them.

    I love to write, and blogging is what keeps me doing it every day. And the times when I want to write but can’t think of anything to say, I’ll title my post with something like “Potpourri”, and then just start typing with whatever comes into my head. Once I do that a topic usually comes to me. It’s especially useful if I haven’t published anything in a long time.

    Thank you for publishing this! It’s enormously helpful for someone like me who takes blogging seriously but can get discouraged at times if it looks like I’m not making any progress.

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    1. Thanks, @sarahjesusnlily. I’m so glad that this post was helpful. I checked your blog out, and you have some excellent content. It’s clear that you are born to write. Keep at it and don’t get discouraged. You are doing a fantastic job!


    1. Thank you for commenting, Sejal, and welcome to the blog world. I am sure you will make an impact with your writing. I’m out and about right now, but once I have some time, I will be sure to check your page out. Good luck!

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  2. Great tips. I think has a great community, and when we engage in that community it helps with the blog writing and following etc.

    But we do all have our moments with the ups and downs of blogging.


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