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Who do you need to forgive?

The saying goes: hurt people, hurt other people. And if you’re paying close attention, you will see that there are a lot of hurt people in the world. Afterall, brokenness doesn’t discriminate; it affects every single person on some level regardless of their age, gender, culture, religion, income, and so forth. So, this means that sometime throughout your life, you have experienced undeniable pain caused by another human being.

The situations for such heartache can be endless: lying, cheating, gossiping, abandonment, job loss, stealing, abuse, separation, and divorce are just a few of the many instances where other people’s actions can impact you negatively. As a result, you could be carrying around massive inner wounds that need to be healed.

However, to begin the healing process, its often necessary to not only forgive yourself…but others. Yet, forgiveness is soooooooo hard. In the spirit of honesty, no one wants to let the culprit off the hook when they hurt you. Our human nature wants to react and get back at them and take revenge. However, this solves nothing and only leads to bigger problems. Just look at the disastrous results when a person who gets cheated on retaliates by cheating in return (Jerry Springer anyone). All kidding aside, taking matters into your own hands doesn’t make you feel better, but it makes you feel worse.

Therefore, who do you need to forgive today? Is it your parents, friends or employer? Try it today. It’s not going to be easy but well worth it. Let go of the pain that is rotting you out on the inside. It’s important to know that the most significant impact of your unforgiveness is not on the individual(s) who hurt you but on yourself. People are dying because of all the anger, malice, bitterness and hate they have due to unforgiveness. The person who hurt you is not thinking about the way the pain they caused but is moving on with their life.

You need to do the same. Not because that person deserves it…they don’t! But you deserve to be free from the anger, depression and hurt that keeps you down. Start today by letting go of the bitterness and move into the great plans and purposes for your life. You were created to win. Be a winner!!



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