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What are you waiting for?

I’ve never met a person who likes waiting. After all, we live in a world that’s accustomed to doing everything full on, at break neck speed. Literally everywhere you go, you’re instantly flooded with fast food resturants, ATM’s, and drive thru’s lined up for your convenience. No wonder waiting can be the challenge of a lifetime.

In all honesty, everybody’s waiting for something:

  • Employment
  • Job promotions
  • Children
  • A life partner
  • Housing
  • Healing
  • And everything else

Therefore, wherever you are in your life, I’m positive that you know about waiting. But, what do you do when what your waiting for seems to be impossible and far off. The days, months, and years are quickly passing by with no sign of the wait coming to an end. Even other people who seem less “deserving” are getting the things you’re waiting for and you can’t help but wonder: When will it be my turn? When will the waiting END?!?

I obviously don’t know when things will change for you, but I do know what it means to wait. I’ve lived through the discouragement and disappointment of not having my dreams and desires met (at least on my timetable). Even in this moment, I’ve been waiting for months about my status to graduate school…ugh! Sometimes the pressure of waiting can make you feel depressed because nothing seems to be happening…

But, God has a plan.

You were created on purpose with a destiny. There’s something that you were meant to do. However, before things unfold the way they should, we often must wait. Even pregnancy takes 9 months (sometimes 10) before a woman can see the child she carried in her womb. Can you imagine if she tried to give birth at 1 month? The fact is that the baby would not survive. So, she has to wait, no matter her excitement, until the right time.

While you may not be expecting, I do believe there are similarities that can be learnt. For example, you’re in a season of waiting, but maybe there’s still more maturing and development that needs to happen. If you push to make it happen before the right time because you can’t wait, then you run the risk of your desire becoming a disappointment. Therefore, utilize the time you have now to be ready for the reality of your dreams.

I will never underestimate the pain of waiting. But, waiting can be your greatest blessing. Enjoy the wait because there will come a time when you will no longer will be. You want to be able to look back on this time and say it wasn’t wasted. So, never give up…keep on waiting!



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