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Dear future husband,

I’m waiting for you.

I look forward to the day that our paths cross, and we will both know its right. I anticipate the moment when we will be able to say: the wait was worth it.

I wonder who you are and what you will look like. Do I already know you? Or are you someone new? Whoever you are, I’m confident that you will be everything and more than I imagined.

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of the day that we would meet. Will it be instantaneous or a connection that catches me by surprise? I’m eager to find out.

Let’s be honest; what was your journey like to meeting me? Did you experience heartbreak and disappointment on the path to our love? I’m sure that when we meet, you’ll have a story to tell. I guarantee that we will be able to compare notes.

In the interest of transparency, sometimes, the wait seems long and painful. I get frustrated with you not being here to do life together. I often try to speed things up to finding you but to no avail. I wonder if you do the same. I think we will jump for joy that it didn’t work out with the others.

But, when you finally do arrive, you will not find me as a perfect person. I can’t promise you a fairytale romance based on Cinderella. Still, you will find a faithful, loving, and committed woman – sometimes even a little emotional and moody. Nevertheless, I’m sure that it will be a magical season for the both of us.

That day will be one of the most special days of my life. It will be the moment that my long-awaited dreams come to reality. I look forward to saying that you were out there all along. After all, true love is real.

Until that day, I will continue to wait for you.


Your future wife.

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