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Dealing with a broken heart

At some point in our life, we will all deal with the pain of a broken heart. After all, the possibilities are endless – from breakups, to the death of a loved one, end of friendships, cheating, lies and so much more. No wonder it’s so hard to pick up the pieces after dealing with a life altering catastrophe.

I vividly remember the time that I dealt with my first heartbreak. I was 24 and had just experienced the end of a five year relationship with the man that I thought God wanted me to marry. On paper, we seemed to be the ideal couple, but over time it became clear that we were not meant to be. Nevertheless, I got desperate by calling and emailing him every day to try to get him back. I’m thankful that he replied to let me know he had moved on. His response was definitely a shot to my ego, yet it was the best thing that happened to me. However, I didn’t know that right away, and in that moment I felt like my world had ended. To be clear, my heart was utterly broken.

The weeks and months that followed were rough, and I complained that my love life was over. However, things did get better. These were some of the things that helped me to heal my heart:

🌺 God: Out of all the people in my life, I could tell the Lord all about the deep and dark emotions that I was feeling. His love and comfort met me in my despair.

🌺 Time: Yes, it’s true. Time does heal all wounds. Sometimes you just need the fog to go to see clearly.

🌺 Grieve: It’s important to mourn the loss of what happened. That person was/is a critical part of your life. Therefore, take the time to express your pain and frustration.

🌺 Talk: OMG! Thank you Daddy. I think I called him a million times a day at the height of the break up. Thankfully, he reminded me that love was still out there.

🌺 Forgive: When you’re in pain, forgiveness seems impossible. But in order to move forward, forgiving yourself and others is vital.

🌺 Move on: Depending on the reason for your heartbreak, the time it takes to move on may differ. Nevertheless, there should come a time when you get over the hump and live your life.

So, if you’ve gone through heartbreak, I promise you that things can get better. It did for me. To the point that about four years after that break up, my ex came back into my life. We tried again for a few months, but it was evident that we had no future together. However, this time we were able to walk away from the situation on good terms without the animosity. And today, I wish him well.

Unfortunately, this life will include heartache. However, a broken heart is meant to be healed. Today’s pain will only last for a moment. The best is yet to come!!

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