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Enjoy your journey

Isn’t it easy to get caught up in the next season of your life, rather than taking the opportunity to enjoy right now. I encourage you to take a minute to do an inventory of your life. What things can you be grateful for today?

Yes, you may have a job that only pays $40,000 a year. But instead of being frustrated with the low pay, you can focus on building yourself so that in the next few years you can make more. However, until that time, you can be grateful for this step in your journey, knowing that each part of your path is for a purpose. Take in all that you can learn on the job because those skills will be needed for your next gig. If you reflect on some of the most successful people, there trajectory to the top wasn’t easy. It took time and patience, and they made sure to be present in the moment.

As my pastor said, it’s easy to focus on the destination. From the time we’re born, we are always looking to the next step of our lives. Children want to become adults, singles want to get married, spouses desire to get divorced (I hope not), married couples want children, older folks want to retire, retirees want their children to get out their house, and elderly people want to see their grandchildren. Although this list is in no way exhaustive, it does show how you can become preoccupied with the next stage of your lives, which leaves you unsatisfied and unfulfilled. If we took some time to enjoy our present, I think a lot more people could be happy.

What can you be thankful for today? How can you appreciate the things you have now without obessessing over the future? There are so many things you could be missing out on, and all you have to do to change that fact is to refocus your thoughts and perspectives.

Your journey is beautiful. Enjoy it!

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