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The truth to finding the person God has for you

How many times have you read blogs and books about “Tips to find the spouse God has for you” or “Tips to successfully date and marry the right one” floating around? I know I have. Sometimes I have even conducted intense Google searches in an attempt to get my love life moving in the right direction. LOL!

While there is some valuable information out there, no one can tell you how to find the right person. Each individual will have a story, and that story will be unique. For example, you may not like online dating. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel compelled to online date because someone writes that “your spouse could be on eHarmony and your missing out on love today.” God is faithful and knows the desires of your heart. He won’t cause you to miss out on the person whose meant for you.

I’ve learned that one of the downfalls of reading these types of stuff is that people start to look to other humans for the answers to their problems. For example, the writer gives you a list of things that you need to do to fall in love. You go ahead and try them out. However, many of these same people have never walked a mile in your shoes and know nothing about your life. But your tired of waiting, so you open your heart up, and hope that things will turn out as they say.

Like I said, information is always good, but be sure to filter that stuff. For example, you may read that you need to change this or that about yourself, and then the right one will come along. You need to question why? Changing yourself for someone else will never make you happy. But if there are things in your life that will hurt your future relationship, then these are areas that need to improve. When we are in a place of vulnerability it’s so easy to have our expectations broken.

I definitely don’t know the answers to singleness, but to truly find the man God has for you, I think it’s best to inquire of God Himself. If He has someone specifically for you, it would make sense that He would know who that person is and how you two should connect.

In the last few years, there have been so many books, conferences, and workshops about singleness (especially from folks who got married pretty early in their lives). I have wondered whether it’s a commercial business or an avenue truly to support singles through their singleness. After all, most of these resources costs hundreds of dollars. Nevertheless, none of us can truly know the heart of the person on the other side of the book or workshop. It’s not our place to judge.

But you do know God’s heart for you. He loves you like crazy. Consult Him about your single journey. He would love to hear from you. Whatever He has planned in mind for your future, will work out for your good.



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