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Break the cycle

I remember hearing that unless you deal with your problems of 2018, they will follow you into 2019. With February at our heels, I can affirm this truth wholeheartedly. The fact is that a new year doesn’t only bring new things, but sometimes old things (unless you deal with your baggage).

How many of you want this year to be a time of change to see dreams fulfilled, prayers answered and a harvest of good things. However, this won’t magically happen because it’s a new year, but because of your willingness to address and overcome negative patterns that hinder your life. I’m talking about getting out of toxic and bad environments and seeking the best for yourself. Furthermore, it means fighting negative thoughts and distancing people that try to weigh you down. As a result, you can continue your path even when things seem otherwise.

I know what it is to be stuck in a repetitive cycle where the same issues keep popping up year after year. To be honest, it’s plain tiring and life draining. Therefore, I’ve made the choice to no longer pity myself, but to stand strong in this crazy world and to keep going in the face of resistance.

What is it that you’re facing today? A bad break up? Addiction(s)? Unemployment? Alcoholism? Pornography? People? The whole world?

Whatever the case may be, today is the day to break the cycle!



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