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The reality of first dates

Can we all agree that these are downright scary? Between wanting to find true love and the fact that it might turn out to be a disaster, first dates are often overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you desire to meet the “one”, you’ll have to face this part of life.

Meeting someone new for the first time is about being vulnerable, which means that you cannot control the outcome of the relationship. It takes a leap of faith, no matter how many times you’ve been on the seemingly never-ending roller-coaster of torture. Therefore, being willing to go on dates, even after failure, shows that you are open to the process until the right one comes along.

It’s often after first dates, or should I say, awful ones, that people give up on love. They’ve been on 100 dates, and none of them panned out, so they believe that there are no good ones left. While dating sucks, this kind of thinking will ultimately keep you single for much longer than you like. After all, no one likes a Debbie downer!

To help ease the anxiety of your first date, I put together some tips that might help you along:

1. Relax – This person is not the “one” (even if they turn out to be later on). This is the first date, so chill and don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

2. Lower your expectations – I’m not talking about compromising your deal breakers, whatever they may be. Instead, try not to expect too much the first time around. You may hit it off…or not. It’s too early to be telling everyone that you met your knight in shining armour.

3. Be real – They say we don’t meet the real person were dating until at least a year later. How about changing that trend and being honest from the start? If they ask you a question, give a truthful answer even though they may not like what you say.

4. End it – If things are not going well, feel free to walk away…nicely. Just let them know you don’t see it going any further. No one needs to suffer through a date that stinks. The right one will show up – just not today (who knows, maybe after you leave lol).

5. Put the phone away – I know you just can’t miss that text or call, but isn’t finding the love of your life more important? It’s just bad manners when you’re more invested in what’s happening on Facebook and Instagram, than the person sitting in front of you. I’m sure there won’t be a second date.

6. Enjoy yourself – If nothing romantic comes out of it, you can still gain a new friend. Have fun learning about someone new and enjoying the day out.

7. Relax – I needed to put this here again…CALM DOWN! It will all work out. Resist the pressure to be perfect and find the “one” .

No matter how many first dates you go on, there will come a time when you go on your last first date. Honestly, it will be so worth it!

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