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Blogging pains

It’s been a little over two months since the start of, and I must confess that I love blogging. Honestly, I wish I had discovered it earlier, but as the saying goes – everything happens at the right time.

When I decided to begin this blog, my family and friends were my biggest supporters. They encouraged me to use this tool to connect with women and girls, even if it was only just one person. In the process, I had some doubters who didn’t understand why I needed to do this. They shared that no one commented or viewed my blog, which was laughable because I was only two weeks into writing. Now on the verge of three months, it’s not like traffic is booming, but I never started this journey to gain notoriety or become a full-time blogger. I blog because it’s my passion.

Yesterday I watched the movie Julie & Julia, a heartwarming tale of Julia Child’s story to becoming a master of French cuisine. The irony is that this famous person that most people have come to know didn’t shoot to fame in an instance, but to the world’s attention after years of hard work and even failure. Julia’s fame has turned into a legacy despite coming on the scene well over 50 years ago. There’s something meaningful in preserving to achievement – it lasts longer.

While this blog is unpopular, I know that I am doing what I set out to do: empowering women and girls – particularly those who believe they are alone in their experiences. I blog for the girl who questions her existence, the girl in depression, the girl unmarried, the girl without friends, and so on.

In the masses of posts about how to gain more followers or get noticed, it can be overwhelming. The purpose behind why most people choose to write begins to get lost in translation as the focus moves to popularity and commercialism.

So what if your blog doesn’t make it big? Life doesn’t stop there. It’s a lie to say we don’t care if no one reads our stories. Yet, do you need 5000 followers to feel successful? It’s better to have ten engaged readers rather than 500 unengaged. Continue to write because there’s someone that needs to hear your story—blog with inspiration.

There are a million and one blogs in the web world. Some will make it big, and some won’t. Focus on reigniting your passion for why you started blogging in the first place. Don’t lose yourself in the chaos. Forget the stats and views, and write. The right people will come along. And who knows, it may be more than you expected.

With love 💕

2 thoughts on “Blogging pains”

  1. I totally agree. To be honest I started my blog because I heard that you could actually make money blogging. A concept I was totally unaware of and it was intriguing to think I could make money doing what I loved. I’ve only been going 3 weeks and only have 13 followers but I have been disappointed in the lack of engagement from readers and disinterest from writers in sharing their stories with me as I want my blog to be about Mum’s everywhere, not just me. I was hoping people would love to have a platform for sharing their stories, but have found that no one is interested (I guess it’s too easy to have your own blog now). I was seriously losing heart until I read your post. Thanks for reminding me, that it’s not about how many readers I have but the fact that I have readers at all for the creative works I put out there. Keep up the good work, cheers!


  2. Thanks for your comment! I completely understand your feelings. But, I think your doing an awesome job having only started three weeks ago. You have 13 followers now, but in another three weeks, it might double or more. Keep writing…the right people and following will come. I will be checking out your blog now. Good luck!


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