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Does he like me?

I get this question a lot. And my answer is always the same: only if he said so.

In my opinion, most guys will not hide their feelings for you (unless they’re shy or scared of rejection). Look at how they behave when their favourite sports team is playing? He makes it known who he’s rooting for. We got to expect so much more when it comes to the woman of his dreams.

When you’re the one, they show you off and are open about your presence in their life. You meet his mom, family, and friends because you’re unique to him. Furthermore, their DNA is naturally competitive, so they ensure that every other man knows your off-limits. They do not take a chance on losing you.

Some people argue that it takes time for some men to reveal their feelings to a woman. I agree. But if a year has passed by with nothing said, then girl, it’s time to let it go. You’re misinterpreting his intentions. Please don’t allow yourself to be caught up in a fairytale with your whole life and kids planned out when he isn’t the one. The right man will be direct about his feelings for you, and you’ll never have to wonder if he likes you.

When I was younger, I had a super shy guy friend. We talked every day and shared many of the same interests. Honestly, I thought he might like me, but I couldn’t be sure. One day, he took me aside and laid out his heart to me. He knew what he wanted and got the courage to approach me. He even went as far as asking his mom for help on how to break the news to me. I was so impressed because I’ve had different experiences with other guys who would float around and leave me questioning their presence in my life. They call you, hang out with you, and are always around. but you’re just his “friend.” Even though nothing happened between my friend and me, he showed me that a man would go after the girl he likes, no matter the cost or potential rejection.

I’m a firm believer that if a guy doesn’t explicitly say “I like you,” that means he’s not interested. Sometimes we can like a guy so much that we pep talk ourselves into believing something that’s not true. His caring actions could mean that he’s a friendly guy. Many ladies are getting heartbroken because they are gone too far along in their heads, and then a few months later, you find out he has a girlfriend or is married. To avoid that pain, don’t assume anything unless you have been told otherwise by him. This includes not listening to your girlfriends, who say that he likes you. Sometimes we can see what we want to see.

Frankly, I wish I listened to my own words because there was a time I liked a guy, and I would analyze everything he did. If he hugged me, I was sure he liked me. If he opened the door, he wanted me. On and on, it was exhausting. Yet to this day, he has never once said anything to give me that hope. Honestly, who cares now, but at the time, that was my thought process. I’m not overlooking the fact that there are some guys out there that are sloppy and will string you along until they find the person that they want. But even in that situation, you have the right to call them on their childish behaviour and remove them from your life.

There are so many blogs out there that provide “signs” that a guy likes you (yes, I’ve read them). They include:

  • He treats you differently
  • He looks at you a lot
  • He makes eye contact
  • He leans towards you when speaking

Let’s be honest; these signs are so ambiguous and wide open for interpretation. Stop listening to this stuff. My list of signs includes one thing. He tells you that he likes you.

Viola! When you hear these words directly from his mouth, it prevents sleepless nights and agony from wondering. You won’t be anxious about what this or that means; instead, you’ll have direct confirmation.

Ladies, you deserve someone who will make you feel like a princess. There is someone out there that will not delay in making you know how valuable you are. Wait for that man, and forget the rest!

With 💕

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