A place for us

No two people are alike – even identical twins are different.

Yet why do I feel such pressure? I mean that shoulder breaking, life snatching weight to be someone that I’m not. It doesn’t help that society is filled with stereotypes that are one size “fits” all.

I tried all my life to be perfect, and the silly thing is, I thought I was. It wasn’t until I fell flat on my face that life burst my bubble. This need for perfection led me down an emotional toilet consumed with doubts, fears, and insecurities. Oh, how I wish someone told me that my flaws didn’t make me less than what I already am – imperfect!

With the height of social media and its emphasis on the quintessential life, the unfiltered community has become a lost art. Life forces me on a regular first date, where I struggle with being my authentic self and making an excellent first impression. The dream buster called fear sets in as I grapple with the possibility that people may not like the genuine me. “Me” is not who you see at work, church, or in public. The real me is stripped of expectation and pretense without the weave and makeup.

Simply put, I don’t have it altogether, and neither should you. This blog won’t guide you to my Instagram and Twitter page of weekly updates about Michelin dinners, designer clothes, and perfect love life.

However, it is about strength and community, where self-doubt and confusion are questioned at their roots. Thus, if you’re looking for a place of truth, then I would love for you to take this journey with me. It’s about championing the “imperfectly me” – or should I say – I’m entirely me just the way I am!

I can’t promise that everything on this blog will be for you, but it could be for someone you know. Please pass it along as we build a community that is less than perfect!

With 💕

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